Overcoming the "Great Disconnect"!

Do you suffer from what I like to call the “Great Disconnect”? This happens, when what you think you're doing is not what you're actually doing, when it comes to your health. (Or, really any aspect of your life!)

Great Disconnect.JPG

For example, liking the idea of exercising and eating well, is not the same as actually doing it!  So, how can you avoid the “Great Disconnect” from happening? You need a way to track what you're doing. A way to self-audit your behaviors. A means by which to keep your behaviors consistent with your intentions. One way to do this is to have a simple checklist that you can refer to each day. The checklist should have your key behaviors or 'go to' actions that you need to take to ensure that you stay on track. For example, some of the items may be: 

  • Drink 1 large fruit/veggie smoothie

  • Get to bed by 9:30 pm

  • Go for a 1-2 mile walk

  • 10-20 minute sunbath

It's amazing how many times that the solutions to many health challenges are very simple. And., that starting with the safest, most logical, and least invasive approach is often the best approach. Frequently, people find their health out of balance and don't know how they got there?  The answer is simple: They got there through the “Great Disconnect”! They lost connection with their daily life actions and behaviors. In a world that is filled with constant distractions and stimulation, it's even more important than ever to have a proven and consistent way to stay on track! 

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The real KEY to Vibrant Health!

After helping thousands of patients and clients achieve better health, I have observed something very important. There are certain characteristics that define and distinguish those who truly succeed in health matters. Good health and well-being is not a matter of luck or chance; it's a matter of aligning with those qualities (through specific actions and behaviors) that will provide it. One of those important qualities is to be fully committed to having good health! What does this exactly mean? 

Dr. SAM- Vibrant Health.jpg

Being fully committed to having vibrant health often entails: 

  • Priority- Making health a "top priority" in your life.

  • Choice- Choosing wisely and healthfully each day (as per what circumstances allow).

  • Resilience- Being resilient and not giving up on yourself.

  • Focus- Staying focused and grounded in your life.

  • Environment- Surrounding yourself with an environment (people, places, things) that promotes good health. 

  • Investment- Investing (time, money, energy, and learning) into good health.

  • Self-accountability- Having a way to hold yourself accountable regarding how you manage your health. 

  • Self-responsibility- Taking full ownership for your health and life. 

  • Persistence- Seeking to constantly improve and evolve your level of health.

Do you need to have all of these qualities and behaviors to succeed? Not necessarily. I have found that even applying a few of these things can make a significant difference in having success. However, here's something interesting... once you apply a couple of them and see results, you will most likely eventually embrace more positive actions and behaviors. 

Why? Good health is addicting! It's the platform on which your 'quality of life' depends. This means... the healthier you are, the more potential there is to have fun and enjoy your life! You can only enjoy your life to the degree to which you can truly live it! You can only live it, if you have the energy to do so! Truly healthy people have tons of energy that allows them to live fully and consciously if they so choose.

Take a few moments to reflect on the list above. Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself. Which qualities and behaviors do you already have? Which ones could you embrace to improve your health? Remember, it's a process of growth and evolution, not a test of perfection! In other words, it's not about being perfect with your health; it's about doing something different (going through a process) to get a better result than you are currently getting. Embrace and honor the process. I wish you the best on your journey toward better health!


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How High Do You Want To Rise?

Upon awakening in the morning, I like to ask myself this significant question: “How high do you want to rise?” Why do this?

Because, each day, you... 

  • Get another chance to improve your health!

  • Have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself!

  • Resist or resolve the issues that are holding you back!

  • Can reinvent your mind, body, and spirit!

  • Can choose a more conscious path!

  • Can pay closer attention to what makes you thrive!

  • Can act wisely and do what's in your best interest for greater well-being!

  • Have a chance to place yourself in an environment for success!

  • Have the power to change!

Each one of us must choose how we want live. The beauty of choice is, you often get another chance at it each day. Choice is the way we all experience life. We choose, there are results of our choices; and then we have an experience. Some experiences are more favorable than others for sure. However, there are lessons and learning in all of it. No good and bad; just choices and experiences.

If we want to have certain experiences, we must choose wisely. We must do the things needed, in order to be the person who has those experiences!

So... if you want to experience life on a deeper more meaningful level, consider asking yourself… “How high do you want to rise?”

Being Broken To Become Fixed!

Being Broken To Become Fixed:

Sometimes... you have to be broken to become fixed! For example, being sick or injured is not always fun, but it can be just the wake-up call you need to transform your life! Health is sacred, but many people take it for granted. As I've said many times in the past, your "WELLth" is your greatest asset. Without it, you don't really have much. An acute healing crisis can teach you this very quickly! (So can chronic health challenges.) 

It's in the midst of pain and suffering, that the ego dies; that you're humbled; and that you truly realize what is important to you. When you hit your knees and surrender; when the tears fall; when the awareness deepens; and when the heart opens; that's when the true healing will really begin! 

You will have to persist! You will have to be brave and sacrifice! Your desire to not only live, but live a 'better life', will have to supersede the desire to stay stuck in your life. You will have to wake up to a whole new you! Yes, pain and suffering are not always fun, but they are part of life!

And... it's often at these points you realize that being broken is what is sometimes needed to become fixed!


Enjoy Your Life!

It is important that you enjoy your life! When you get to the end of it, you ‘re not taking anything with you… except: the memories you have of the things you experienced; the peoples’ lives you touched in various ways; and the significant difference you made during your stay here on this planet! At the end, none of the worries seem to count! None of the material attachments will have much value! None of the “I wish I did…” will be granted!

Dr. SAM's Retreat- Enjoy your life.JPG

Again, enjoy your life!


Does this mean you shouldn’t work hard? Of course not! Work hard; get it done!

Does this mean you shouldn’t care about worldly matters? No! Stand for something!

Does this mean you shouldn’t be responsible and accountable? Nope! Take charge!

Does this mean you shouldn’t take good care of your body? Nada! Honor your body’s temple!

What it means is that when life is approached from a point of love and enjoyment, it will be more complete! You will have “lived fully” and know in your heart that you were here… and so will others!

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L.O.V.E. = Spirituality

There are basically two significant driving forces on the planet: Love and Fear. When in the vibration of love, people can serve greater, be at peace with the world, and enjoy their lives. When in fear, people often swim in a constant state of anxiety; are busy yet, very unproductive; and can never seem find peace and enjoyment. Each day, we have to choose what we want to align with- Love or Fear!

Since LOVE is so important to vibrant health and a good life, I have created the ‘L.O.V.E.’ formula to help you choose LOVE each day along the way!

L- Live fully and consciously each day!

O- Own your choices and be accountable!

V- Vow to take good care of yourself!

E- Evolve and keep growing!

Following this simple formula will not only help you achieve a greater things, it will help others do the same. Make the shift; others will eventually follow. So, rise above and spread the L.O.V.E.!

Fitness Does NOT = Health!

A common misconception is that: Fitness = Health.  This is simply not true! People can be fit, but still not be healthy. There are tons of good examples of this, not only in sports (as high as the professional levels), but also pasted all over social media. People equate a fit looking body with total health. It’s NOT! However, being fit is a component of good health. So the equation should read:  Fitness = A Component of Good Overall Health!


I have rehabilitated plenty of “fit people” in my career. Guess what we didn’t focus on too much? Their fitness! Why? They were already fit! However, they were not healthy. So, their rehab programs became lifestyle rehab programs. I had to get them to see that their good level of fitness could not ‘make up’ for what was lacking in the rest of their health regimen (and for some, they didn’t really even have a health regimen, just a fitness regimen).

That being said, I have also had to get some so-called ‘healthy people’ on better fitness regimens. Why? They didn’t have one! They thought the rest of their healthy lifestyle would make up for it. Nope! It doesn’t work this way either! 

I invite you to take a look at your own personal fitness regimen. Do you have one? If not, why not? How about your own overall health regimen? Do you pay attention to the rest of the health equation, or do you tend to use fitness as your ‘Holy Grail’?  The good news is that if you are not happy with your answers, you can always consciously choose to change your actions and behaviors to bring about a healthier you!  

A Simple 3-Step Approach To A Better Life!

Step 1- Learn from the past! Yes, it's important to learn from our past, but not live in the past! Good or bad, things happen. That's life! If it's bad things, move on! It's over! We can't change it, so we need to let go and keep going. If it's good, we still need to do the same thing! Either way, it's important to take time to reflect and process the lessons and experiences we have, but then... move on!   

Step 2- Live in the presentThis is where most of the 'magic' in life happens-- in the now! However, the art of 'self-awareness' appears to be dying. Many people are often so engulfed with their technological devices, or they are multitasking their days away to the point that, they can't truly be present and live in the NOW! Consequently, many people miss out on life's magic moments! Being "present" is the "gift" --not only the gift you receive, but the one you will give to others as well!  

Step 3- Look forward to the futureYou can approach life in one of two ways: either with fear and anxiety (which is draining); or with eager and anticipation (which is fulfilling)! The second approach is the one recommended. Life is much more meaningful when we have something to "look forward to", especially when this something is something fun and engaging!

The takeaway message: Life is what we make it!

Life doesn't happen to us; we create it with Steps 1-3 above!

Keep rising higher!

Much Love,

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