Enjoy Your Life!

It is important that you enjoy your life! When you get to the end of it, you ‘re not taking anything with you… except: the memories you have of the things you experienced; the peoples’ lives you touched in various ways; and the significant difference you made during your stay here on this planet! At the end, none of the worries seem to count! None of the material attachments will have much value! None of the “I wish I did…” will be granted!

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Again, enjoy your life!


Does this mean you shouldn’t work hard? Of course not! Work hard; get it done!

Does this mean you shouldn’t care about worldly matters? No! Stand for something!

Does this mean you shouldn’t be responsible and accountable? Nope! Take charge!

Does this mean you shouldn’t take good care of your body? Nada! Honor your body’s temple!

What it means is that when life is approached from a point of love and enjoyment, it will be more complete! You will have “lived fully” and know in your heart that you were here… and so will others!

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