For over 21 years, "Dr. SAM" has helped thousands of people overcome various health challenges!  

Dr. SAM's unique approach to wellness and rehabilitation can help you:

  • Eliminate pain!

  • Recover from & prevent injuries!

  • Improve your energy levels!

  • Safely lose weight!

  • Look and perform better overall!

physical therapy with dr. sam

Physical therapy aims to help restore your quality of life. Sometimes, circumstances (such as: injuries, traumas, surgeries, genetic defects, acquired deformities, metabolic issues, and/or mental-emotional distress) can cause problems with the way your body moves and functions. As a result, your body will then learn to compensate, which can eventually result in pain, dysfunction, and an overall decrease in your health and well-being.

If not corrected, this can lead to a decrease in quality of life and prevent you from enjoying the things you like to do, such as: exercise; engage in sports or leisure activities; spend time with loved ones; work; travel on vacation; or just have fun!

How it works:

The Initial Assessment – First, Dr. SAM will perform a comprehensive initial assessment to gather the necessary information needed. This may include: discussing your past medical history; identifying any present conditions or concerns you have; and utilizing hands-on evaluation techniques to make sure your individual needs are addressed and proper goals are set. This process will help to ensure your rehab program gets off to a proper start and your rehab program will be successful overall.

Customized Plan of Care – Next, Dr. SAM will create a customized plan of care which may include:

  • Hands-on Techniques – Dr. SAM is a highly skilled bodyworker and is said to have “healing hands” a great intuitive sense! His unique approach can help to: quickly decrease pain; promote relaxation; improve circulation; restore posture and alignment; improve muscle balance; improve muscle, organ, and nerve function; and help to restore overall body movement.

  • Therapeutic Corrective Exercise Dr. SAM has many years of rehabilitating people and will utilize an individualized approach to help you improve your: flexibility and strength; correct poor posture and improve body awareness; improve your balance; help you walk and move better; improve your overall endurance and cardiovascular fitness; help you improve the way you breathe; and teach you relaxation exercises to help you better manage stress and pain.

  • Modalities Dr. SAM may utilize some unique modalities (that include heat; cold; traction; electrical stimulation; and biofeedback) in your rehab program to help you meet your goals faster.

  • Education- Dr. SAM will spend a significant amount of time educating and empowering you to become an active participant in your rehabilitation process. This may include practical advice or helpful tips regarding: injury prevention; exercise safety; stress and pain management; healthy diet and lifestyle changes; general wellness; and providing resources that may help aid in the rehabilitation process.

Dr. SAM can OFTEn address many of the following conditions in Physical Therapy:

  • Chronic pain including: Neck Pain; Back Pain; Extremity Pain; Headaches; Myofascial Pain; Neuropathic Pain; Muscle Spasms

  • Scar Tissue (adhesions and pain that cause tissue restrictions; and nerve/electrical interference)

  • Athletic injuries including: Ankle sprains; Knee Ligament Tears; Shoulder Rotator Cuff Problems; Neck and Back Strains; Tennis Elbow; Jumper’s Knee; Groin Injuries; IT Band Syndrome (Runner’s Knee); Stress Fractures

  • Overuse syndromes including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Arthritis; Bursitis; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; Tendinitis

  • Musculoskeletal problems including: Poor Posture; Scoliosis; Degenerative Disc Problems; Arthritis; Osteoporosis; Muscle Weakness and Atrophy

  • Neurological disorders including: Stroke; Brain Injuries; Concussions; Spinal Cord Injuries; Seizures

  • Developmental Disorders including: Learning Disabilities; ADD; Autism; Cerebral Palsy; Developmental delay; Dyslexia

  • Other health concerns including: Urinary Incontinence; General Deconditioning; Sexual and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction; Digestive Problems; Cardiopulmonary Issues; Diabetes; Obesity; Cancer; Fibromyalgia; Chronic Fatigue

*Note: This list is not meant to be all inclusive. If you don’t see a specific condition here, please Contact Dr. SAM if you would like to know if physical therapy could help improve your quality of life.


Physical therapy sessions generally last:

60 minutes depending on needs and goals. You will ALWAYS receive one-on-one attention from Dr. SAM to ensure high quality treatment is provided and optimal results are achieved! Dr. SAM’s unique comprehensive approach focuses on bringing about optimal health, healing, and well-being. Participants, clients, and patients not only become well, but are empowered to take charge of their health so they can continue to stay well for a lifetime!

Is physical therapy Covered By Insurance?

It depends on your health insurance benefits. Dr. SAM operates on a cash basis and DOES NOT file insurance claims. (However, he will provide paperwork if needed and you may file claims yourself and attempt to receive reimbursement.) Most insurance companies do not cover physical therapy services at 100%. This means you will have to pay at least part of the cost. Payment of services may be made with cash, check, pay-pal, Apple Pay, or credit card. Please Contact Dr. SAM for details regarding rates of physical therapy services.

Do I need a referral to attend physical therapy? No, you DON’T need a referral to attend initially. Georgia is now a 'direct access’ state and you do not need a referral from your doctor to attend physical therapy for rehabilitation, injury prevention, wellness, or fitness reasons.