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Dr. SAM is available for breakout sessions, keynotes, or consulting for 

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  • Customized Wellness Workshops

  • Health & Wellness Retreats

  • Company Events

  • Fundraisers

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Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”), is a clinician on a mission aimed to help resolve the issues in your tissues. As a speaker, author, therapist, retreat leader, and holistic nutritionist, Dr. SAM will help you 'rise up' and take your health to the next level! 

Dr. SAM’s mission for healthy living is said to be contagious. When you hire Dr. SAM, you are rewarded with a positively charged wellness activator! Dedicated to 'raising health' for a better worldDr. SAM can help evoke the beneficial changes needed to help your group or organization thrive and prosper at a higher level— experiencing a better quality of life, as well as saving precious time, energy, and money. … read more

  • Disease & Injury Prevention

  • Self-care & Wellness

  • Corporate Wellbeing

  • Stress Management

  • Exercise Safety

  • Weight Loss

  • Healthy Eating & Lifestyle

  • Mindful Living

Please call or email for details or questions regarding program options (topics, pricing, and availability) to book Dr. SAM as a wellness speaker at your next event. Some of the key areas he presents on are: 


If you are looking to "Raise Some Health", contact Dr. SAM for your next event!

Speaking Clips

What Others Are Saying

We really enjoyed having Samuel speak at our fall Physical Therapy Insight Conference. He was punctual, passionate, and well prepared. As a result, our attendees gained some very valuable insight about how to better implement wellness into both their professional and personal lives. If you’re looking for a good wellness speaker, we would absolutely recommend him!
— Dawn James, Physical Therapy Association of Georgia- Admin Team
Samuel has spoken at our festival every year since it’s inception in 2011. We always look forward to inviting him back as we know he will deliver a heartfelt message that is sure to inspire others to take action in becoming healthier. If you’re looking for a great speaker on the topic of health/wellness, you can count on Dr. SAM to deliver!
— Michael Arnstein, Woodstock Fruit Festival Founder
Dr. SAM has presented at our Wellness Retreat Center for over 8 years. We are always excited when he returns, as we know our guests will receive awesome value from the health wisdom he delivers. If you’re looking for the catalyst to positively transform your health, we highly recommend hearing Dr. SAM speak!
— Brain & Jody Calvi, owners of Farm of Life Retreat Center, Costa Rica
Samuel has given many inspiring talks pertaining to the topic of “Health & Wellness” in our store over the past 14 years. He always delivers in a way that is informative, entertaining, and empowering. He provides great information and practical solutions that have a way of reaching people at a deep level. I would highly recommend him as a speaker with a good heart and a great message!
— Ronnie Hudson, Co-op Store Manger at Life Grocery & Cafe Life
Thanks again Dr. SAM for the great presentation this past Saturday. We would recommend you to any of the other districts that need an entertaining speaker with a good message!
— Wil Kolb PT,CWS, Virginia Physical Therapy Association, Mountain District Chair
It’s a pleasure to have Dr. SAM on my radio show. I’m always confident he will deliver a message to my listeners that is heartfelt and valuable. I would recommend Dr. SAM to anybody that is looking for practical advice on health and healing!
— Dr. Steve Monkiewicz ND, PHD, Radio Host of 'Real Health with Dr. Steve'
I have never met a health speaker as powerful and moving as him. He came off as a light-hearted, loving guy willing to share the secrets of how to optimize health and happiness in one’s life. The information he gave and his words resonated with me immediately!
— Kathleen Vizconde, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Sam inspires simply by being himself. Bright, clear and focused, he speaks with humor and intelligence, giving practical advice on healthy living. I had the fortune of hearing him speak and left being aware of so many small choices that I can make that will greatly improve my well being. One can tell by the choices he makes for his own well being and by the way that he selflessly gives his time and energy to others, that he is truly a talented committed healer!
— Pritchett Miller, Colorado
Dr. SAM is amazing at what he does. He is a both a great speaker and a true healer. If you are looking to take your health to the next level, Dr. SAM is the man!
— Dr. Mel Campbell, PhD, Motivational Speaker
The best lecture on health I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard many! Extremely informative, motivating and entertaining!
— Marcia Arberman, Atlanta, GA