Dr. SAM is a great healer, speaker, and retreat facilitator. If you are looking to transform your health, then we would highly recommend seeing him for a therapy or wellness consult; or attending one of his lectures or retreats. It will be a great investment of your time, money and energy!
— Brian & Jody Calvi Farm of Life Health Retreat and Healing Center, Costa Rica
Dr. Sam is an amazing therapist and health facilitator. I had the pleasure of attending several of his awesome health retreats, as well as working with him one-on-one; and both experiences were amazing. I highly recommend him!
— Shannon Kilbourn Health Coach, Alpharetta, GA
Dr. Samuel Mielcarski is a very gifted healer who combines a deep understanding of the human body’s true needs and has the knowledge, insights, and dynamic sensitivity to feel, respond and interact with the regenerative intelligence of the body-mind-spirit. Dr. SAM and his skilled hands listen to that wise intelligence as it reveals what’s needed to heal and re-balance the body toward the fullness of health. His work on me was marvelous, and I look forward to further sessions with him.
— Don Weaver, Ecologist; (Author of: To Love And Regenerate the Earth; Co-author of: The Survival of Civilization); California
Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski is one of those truly rare individuals and health practitioners. He is brilliant, caring, focused, and surprisingly humble for someone of such knowledge and talent. In less than 30 minutes of Dr. SAM working on me, it was clear I was under the care of a very gifted healer. When Dr. SAM practices the art of healing, he makes you feel your body is an orchestra and he’s the great conductor. Before seeing Dr. SAM, I was unable to use my foot due to severe pain and after just 30 minutes of working with Dr. SAM, I was able to take off my foot boot. Many people talk holistic healing. Dr. SAM actually walks the talk.
— Lynne Feingold Yoga Instructor, Washington D.C.
Dr. SAM is the best physical therapist I’ve had (and I’ve had many over the years). His holistic approach produces results without the “no pain, no gain” attitude many therapists use. Most importantly, he listens to his patients and adjusts the treatment to their needs rather than using any preconceptions of what should be done. I would most definitely recommend him.
— Frank Williams Senior Researcher, Woodstock, GA
When I first met Dr. Sam, I was ready to quit my favorite sport and leisure activities because my energy levels were constantly low and I had tons of aches and pains. Dr. Sam not only helped me rectify my health, I am now participating in triathlon events on a regular basis. If you are looking to transform your health and well-being, Dr. SAM is the man!
— Kent McFarland, Computer Software Analyst, Alpharetta, GA
Dr. SAM has made a big difference in the health of my body without requiring a lifelong commitment of sessions by empowering me to be able to take care of myself. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health.
— Mark Miller, Lawyer, Alphretta, GA
“After hearing Dr. SAM lecture on health, I was impressed with his knowledge and knew he could help me. After explaining to him the problems I was experiencing with my lower back, he provided me with an effective hands-on session and some corrective exercises, which made my back feel significantly better right away. Sam, I am very grateful for your help and thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— Leo Distefano, Health-seeker NYC
Some months ago I was referred to Dr SAM for treatment. I had decided that I would prefer to try physical therapy instead of resorting to the more usual treatment with various drugs . At that time, I felt I had lost about 70% of the use of my left arm, and frequently woke from deep sleep with pain in both my neck and left arm. Tiny bone spurs were the diagnosis after x-rays and a consult with an Orthopedist. I would like to thank you for having restored the free motion of my left arm. I no longer wake with pain, and both my neck and arm function correctly.

What was interesting and very beneficial was the way you approached my particular challenges. You were able to see that my problems were not restricted only to the obvious, and in treating my whole body, you affected a total improvement. Your considerable knowledge and skill is impressive , and I certainly benefited from everything you were able to accomplish. By the way, I no longer play tennis with my knee braces as well, after 10 years of pain… remarkable! I feel 100% better than when I first started treatment, and I am truly thankful that I ended up in your office. Thanks to your expertise, I was able to totally avoid heavy medication and all the disadvantages of the negative side effects they are documented to have. I feel that my quality of life has significantly improved. Thank you very much indeed. My neck, arm and knees salute you!
— Rosemary Candler, Florist, Roswell, GA
When I first met Dr. SAM, I was having chronic pain in my neck, as well as difficulty concentrating, thinking, and speaking. I was basically a mess from my toes to my nose. After working with Dr. Sam for just two hours, my problems were much improved. Dr. Sam not only helped me feel better, but empowered me with the knowledge and tools to keep my body in good working order. Dr. Sam’s knowledge of the human body is incredible!
— Martha Knights, Massage Therapist, Southern California
I found Dr. SAM’s approach to be very appealing because it was nonpainful, unlike many of the treatments I have had in the past. After just one session with Dr. Sam, I felt less pain in my back and a greater sense of well-being.
— Paola Perezcabello, Costa Rica
After Dr. Sam helped my one son resolve his chronic stomach problems, I decided to bring the rest of family to him!
— Paige Pillsbury, Housewife, Atlanta, GA
Samuel is great at what he does. He takes the time to explain things well and he provides you with the tools to get better. We would recommend Dr. SAM to anybody looking to be treated right.
— Tom and Lanelle Nash, Retired Couple, Roswell, GA
Dr. Sam is more than a great therapist. He is a channel spreading love and light to a planet in much need of healing. His passion reaches to the soul level. He is somebody that can help you connect with your most valuable possession-the very life that flows within you. Samuel is a true gift to the field of rehabilitation.
— Krysty Simons Artist, Life Coach, Eugene Oregon
I had chronic pain in my shoulder for months that pain killers could not touch. I only needed to see Dr. Sam one time and the chronic pain in my shoulder was resolved. He saved my career!”
— Brent Hardgrave, Professional Hairstylist, Atlanta, GA
I had therapists of every stripe and kind, and no one was able to help me with my back problem, no one that is except for Dr. Sam… it was practical help that was nothing short of amazing!…The biggest difference; he really cares.
— Don Bennett, "Disease Avoidance Specialist", Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dr. SAM has helped me feel so much better. It has been years since I have experienced pain relief in my body. I now better understand how to manage my pain and stay well. I would recommend Dr. Sam to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.
— Donna Lavery, Boston, Mass.
After severely injuring my back, I was in constant pain for 7 months. Thanks to Dr. Sam, I am now practically pain free, moving better, and my emotional well-being and energy levels have improved as well. He’s is a miracle worker!
— Tracie Vicario, Xerox Tech Manager, Marietta, GA
After one treatment with Dr. Sam, I found relief from the once ever-present pressure in my head. I no longer feel the need for the drugs I used to rely on. I am incredibly grateful to him, as I believe he spared me not only the pain of the headaches, but from an entire spiral of ill health effects. The funny thing was, I went to him seeking relief from my headaches, but was happily surprised to stand up and walk away with “new feet”, as well! (A botched bunionectomy surgery years earlier left me with feet that had never been “quite right” and which used to cause me a lot of pain.) I was so impressed that the next morning I allowed him to work on me again, this time on another very serious medical issue, for which – my nursing education had taught me – a very risky surgery was the only cure.

With his assistance, surgery was not necessary, and my issue resolved. Dr. Sam is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled therapist, and a caring and gifted healer. He is also a doctor by the truest definition (doctor, in Latin, means ‘teacher’.) Dr. Sam has an easy way of inspiring, teaching, and empowering individuals to create health for themselves. He did this for me – a nurse! – and I am ever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Sam, for turning my head (literally), heart, and health around.
— April K. Willson RN, Sedona, Arizona