The Spiral of Health!

Your health can either spiral upward or downward, depending on the choices you make and the actions you.take every day. This includes how healthy you really want to be! Each choice and action can affect the choices and actions that follow. For example, if you choose to stay up late and not get enough sleep, you may then feel tired the next day. 

So, because you're tired, you may then be thinking unclearly and choose to consume some caffeine to try to perk yourself back up. This doesn't work because you're trying to make your body run on the wrong energy source.  This would be like trying to recharge the battery in your car by filling your gas tank--and with the wrong kind of fuel! 


Then, later in the day, your energy crashes even more and you reach for something 'convenient' to eat. Although this provides you with a short-term high, it leads to a further decline in your body's vitality. You work all day, but it's a struggle to be productive. Your feeling sluggish later on, so you attempt some exercise to feel better. Due to the lack of sleep and poor dietary choices, your body can't perform well. You decide to push through it anyway-- getting those adrenal glands to kick on and give you one more shot of energy. It provides another short-term fix, but your health continues to spiral downward. 

You now want some dinner and want it easy and fast, so you stop by a fast food place and grab something 'to go'. You finish dinner and then check email. Your body is crashing again, but it's now time to watch your favorite late night TV show, so you deny yourself the sleep you need again.  The downward spiral continues to persist!

Does this sound familiar? 

I hope not, but if this is you, there is something that can positively be done to correct this path. Ride the spiral of health back upward. How can you do this? By making that one choice that will stop the spiral from spinning downward and reverse it to an upward spin. 

In the example above: Getting the sleep you need → to restore your energy reserves → to refreshen your mind → to make healthy choices→ to work productively → to have ample energy later to exercise wisely → to earn the next healthy meal that will be eaten → to keep you going to finish up your day strong and end on a positive note!

Which spiral do you want your health to be on? 

Upward, or downward? 

Choosing the upwardpath is amazing journey.

Keep rising higher!

Much Love,



The Music In Ya!

Everyone has some music in them!  A voice… a message… a song… a vision… a purpose! It’s important to set this music free! Express it in a way that will touch many; open hearts; create smiles; cause cultural shifts; and evoke everlasting change. Don’t be afraid to let this music play! Play it! Pay it every day! Sing it out loud! Use it for good! Make a positive difference! Your music is your calling. It’s your life lived on purpose. It’s the difference between wholeness and emptiness.  It’s the mesh of your being; the fiber of your making; the rhythm of your life!

Mostly… and this is really important… don’t you dare die with that music still in ya!  

On that note (yes, pun intended!), I am celebrating the 1-year anniversary since the release of my music: “The Health Raiser Song!”

You can check it out below!

This is the official Music Video for "The Health Raiser Song!" The creator of the song- Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka "The Health Raiser!")- takes you on a fun journey along with some others to "raise some health" and make the world a better place!

How a 2% Change Can Lead to Total Health Transformation!

Many health issues are related to poor diet and lifestyle factors that can be changed. Both genetics as well as age, are frequently used as excuses for having poor health. Blaming your parents is not the answer! Besides, many so-called genetic predispositions can be positively influenced by healthy diet and lifestyle choices, so that these predispositions don't manifest as health problems in your life. In regards to age, succumbing to the popular societal belief that you're supposed to just 'fall apart' as you get older is a sad and unnecessary way to live. Your age should notbe a limiting factor for your quality of life! One simple strategy that you can implement throughout your lifetime to improve and/or maintain good health is to focus on small steady improvements. 

Dr. SAM- 2% Matters.JPG

Small steady improvements can lead to large changes in your health over time. Consider this: as little as a 2% improvement per week can lead to a 100% improvement by the end of 1 year. Let's do some simple math: 2% improvement x 52 weeks in a year = 104% improvement! So, when looking at it this way, achieving better health is really not that hard to do. I know you can manage a 2% improvement in your health each week. In fact, if you just focus on this small improvement, you're more likely to be successful anyway. The mistake that many people make is to keep focusing on their long-term goal (the end result they desire), as opposed to the simple action-steps (the 2% improvements each week) needed to get there. 

If you have health challenges, they probably didn't happen overnight—only your awareness of them might have! For example, you wake up one day and actually become more awareand acknowledge: the extra weight you've gained; the undesired change in your posture or body shape; the pain in your back; the stiffness and lack of flexibility in your neck; or your overall lack of physical endurance. 

Although a greater awareness is the key to changing and improving your health, realistically, since the problems didn't happen overnight, they probably won't vanish overnight either. You will need to earnyour health back with the 2% improvements. You will experience significant changes in your health if you're patient and persistent with this approach! There are two old sayings: “Good things come in small packages.” and “Good things come to those who wait.”. 

When it comes to better health, these may both be true!

Where do you get your biophotons?

An emerging field in science is the topic of “biophotons.” Simply put, biophotons are light energy. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings are said to store and emit biophotons. As such, this light emission is a representation of the functional health status of a living organism. In essence, we live on light; we are light. 

Biophotons are believed to carry important “bio-information,” which helps to control complex vital processes in the body. Biophotons are involved with structuring and regulating the body’s energy, which can be manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being, or sickness and disease, depending on a person’s biophoton status.

Dr. SAM- biophotons.JPG

In addition to the chemical composition of food, light energy (biophotons) is also an important factor in food quality. The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is.For example, naturally grown, fresh (sun-ripened) fruit and vegetables are rich in light energy, whereas processed and refined foods are not. (One more good reason to eat more raw and living foods.) The building and elimination of cells, the synthesis of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), and the flow of neurotransmitters all work on an extremely rapid transfer of information that is achieved by light transmission. 

Natural light needs to penetrate the skin and be taken through the eyes as well, in order to help improve and regulate one’s health. This is why daily sunbaths are good, and un-natural sunblocks and skin lotions and cosmetics (harsh chemicals) are not good. This is why sunglasses should only be worn when absolutely necessary (for safety reasons), but not all the time.

Let there be light in your life.

Let your health shine on.

So, where do youget your biophotons? 

The Power of Touch!

Human touch is a very powerful nutrient, as well as therapeutic intervention. Touch can help to decrease pain, improve circulation, relax the body, and promote a feeling of safety, as well as general well-being. It has been shown that babies who are touched more often tend to grow and thrive much better. I believe the same could be said for adults. Touch helps to program us, shape us, and balance us!

Dr. SAM- Healing Touch.png

One form of ‘healing touch’ with a long history (thousand of year) of success and positive results is acupressure. It was the original plan before acupuncture (which uses needles) came along. I use it in my own daily life. I like to view acupressure as a daily energy 'tune up'. Vital life energy, as known as 'qi' or 'chi' or 'ki' needs to be able to flow through the body unimpeded for good health to exist. Acupressure helps this to happen.

By applying pressure to certain points on the body, endorphins (the body's natural pain killers) are released, blood flow is enhanced and more oxygen is delivered to various regions of the body to bring about a state of healing. Acupressure is non-invasive, safe, easy to learn, and it's free--you can apply it to yourself! People often say healthcare is 'too expensive'. If more people learned to incorporate a simple practice such as acupressure into their lives, I believe they wouldn't hold such a belief!

'Spring’ Into Good Health!

Spring has sprung for sure! We are moving into the element of “Wood”, which is an upward rising force in nature. This energy is very palpable right now. Plants are blooming, things are moving, and energy is expanding for sure. This is a perfect time to connect with Nature! This is also a great time to really take massive action on your goals and intentions for this year, as the energy to do so now supports you in full force!

Dr. SAM- Naturally Healthy.JPG

Nature is a sacred temple! Connecting, communing, and cultivating vitality each day by visiting this temple is wise! In other words... spend time outdoorsin Nature, as it's our truenature. Touch the bare earth with your bare feet– and drink the vital energy that flows upward into and through you! Look to the sky– allow the heavens to bathe down upon you it’s Divine light as well. Be still. Go within. Quiet your mind. Listen, receive, learn, be grateful, and smile!  

  • When feeling lost, connect to Nature! 

  • When feeling stressed, connect to Nature!

  • When feeling overwhelmed, connect to Nature!

  • Nature has answers! 

  • Nature is true therapy! 

Cultivate a loving relationship with Nature, and your health will surely prosper!


Dr. SAM - “The Health Raiser!”

Valuing The Growth Process!

Rewards in life are nice, especially when you work really hard to accomplish something. However, I have often found that the process of what it takes to achieve the goal is just as important (if not more so). The process is where the growth really is! For example, I've spent MANY hours in the past working toward cultivating a garden that would produce some greatorganic food. Although the food was a nice reward, the continual process of what it took to grow it was even more nourishing. The growth process taught me many valuable things about myself; and Nature continues to be a great therapeutic laboratory for self-awareness and self-realization.

Growth Process.JPG

Growth in life can be challenging, laborious, and very difficult at times! As with gardening, there will be planing and planting that will have to be done; watching and watering when needed; 'weeds' you will have to remove; and harvesting at the right times! The rewards, or the 'fruits of your labor', will be worth it. However, it's the growth process where the 'true value' may really be! This is where the higher rewards often exist, so be sure to accept and celebrate these gifts as well!

Keep growing.!

Much Love,


The ‘Light’ Within You!

Everyone has a special light inside of them! This light that I’m referring to is the light in your mind; in in your words; in your heart; and in your actions —called consciousness! The more conscious you become, the more your light will shine! Your mind will gain clarity; your body will get stronger; your heart will open wider; and your actions will become kinder. You will live a life on purpose and of purpose!

Your health will flourish when you are filled with light. Have you ever noticed how really healthy people just seem to beam? It’s as though light is just emanating out of them! They look alive and bright —especially in their eyes! They are 'enlightened'! 

Each day, make sure to do the things that make you 'light up' and put a smile on your face! Explore; laugh; dance; connect; and celebrate life each day! We are living in some very dark times right now. The only way to change this is if we all make a choice to change it! How can you help?  Shine your light each day! 

Here are some simple ways you can BE the Light:

  • Speak kindly. (Say and write nice things!)

  • Act kindly. (Help others in need!)

  • Think positively. (Project good intentions!)

  • Love openly. (Open your heart; show grace; give someone a hug!)

  • Inspire daily. (Lead by example!)

  • Smile often. (This can be contagious!)

  • Celebrate daily. (Sing, dance, and enjoy your life!)

  • Meditate regularly. (Raise your vibrations!)

  • Laugh often. (Humor is audible light!)

  • Accept openly. (Accept yourself and others!)

  • Use teamwork. (Join others that are full of light!)

  • Dress colorfully. (Take pride in your appearance!)




Exercise: Make Your REPS Count!

When it comes to exercise, quality is just as important as quantity. However, it seems many people often forget this basic exercise principle. People seemed to be obsessed with: How much? How far? How fast? How Strong?…. instead of… How well? It’s important to understand that in the long-run,“how well?” will ultimately determine those other things and help people reach their goals. 


However, when how well is ignored, then plateaus are often reached. This is the point at which many people try to “push more” or “train harder” and it often ends up as a decrease in performance; as well as even a significant injury that sets them way back physically, mental-emotionally, and spiritually. In a fast-paced, got-to-have-it-now world, I have only seen this problem getting worse. People are so distracted all the time, even when they are exercising; and thus are ‘tuned out’ to what is really going on in their bodies.

There is an old-school saying: “Don’t just count reps, make your reps count!”. This is beautifully said, because the more times you exercise with poor movement patterns, the more you are ‘hard-wiring’ a poor motor program into your nervous system. It can take thousands of reps to undo this poor motor program as well. So, instead of getting really good at moving really poorly, a bit more attention to just moving correctly in the first place can go a long way to helping a person stay fit and healthy and achieve their exercise goals.

NOTE: Proper Movement Training is one of the many cool features on my Wellness Retreats! The next retreat is coming up March 17th-223rd in beautiful Costa Rica!

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