About Dr. SAM…

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT

“The Health Raiser!”

You were given the gift of life. Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka “The Health Raiser!”), reveals how to give yourself the gift of living well. When you hire Dr. SAM, you are rewarded with a positively charged wellness activator! Dedicated to 'raising health' for a better worldDr. SAM can help evoke the beneficial changes needed to help your group or organization thrive and prosper at a higher level— experiencing a higher quality of life, as well as saving precious time, energy, and money.

With over 22 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist and wellness consultant, Dr. SAM has developed a keen sense of how to guide others and be a catalyst for health success. He delivers a heart-centered, common-sense approach to his audience; as well as real solutions that have helped thousands of people overcome various health challenges. Dr. SAM has proven that when it comes to achieving better health, there really is a 'quick fix!'-- and that it is safe, affordable, and easy-to-follow! 

Dr. SAM’s mission for healthy living is said to be contagious! Samuel has a unique teaching style that utilizes useful frameworks, light humor, and key takeaways that creates lasting wellness transformation. He shows you 'how to' get there, by mastering the basic health essentials. Samuel’s message is both powerful and empowering. The simple advice and solutions he offers will often become irreversible knowledge. Samuel will inspire you to improve your health, and teach you to value it as well. His helpful guidance could not only change your life, it may even help save it!


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (Licensed Physical Therapist 22+ years)

  • Professional Speaker.

  • Health & Wellness Retreat Leader 10 years.

  • Wellness Consultant.

  • Published author. (Books, music, articles, videos, blogs song.)

  • Creator of: “The Health Raiser Song!” 

  • Level 1 Certified Qigong Instructor.

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Clinical Academia:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy- Quinnipiac University (1997)

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree- A.T. Still University; Arizona School of Health Sciences (2005)

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification- National Academy of Sports Medicine (2002)