Being Broken To Become Fixed!

Being Broken To Become Fixed:

Sometimes... you have to be broken to become fixed! For example, being sick or injured is not always fun, but it can be just the wake-up call you need to transform your life! Health is sacred, but many people take it for granted. As I've said many times in the past, your "WELLth" is your greatest asset. Without it, you don't really have much. An acute healing crisis can teach you this very quickly! (So can chronic health challenges.) 

It's in the midst of pain and suffering, that the ego dies; that you're humbled; and that you truly realize what is important to you. When you hit your knees and surrender; when the tears fall; when the awareness deepens; and when the heart opens; that's when the true healing will really begin! 

You will have to persist! You will have to be brave and sacrifice! Your desire to not only live, but live a 'better life', will have to supersede the desire to stay stuck in your life. You will have to wake up to a whole new you! Yes, pain and suffering are not always fun, but they are part of life!

And... it's often at these points you realize that being broken is what is sometimes needed to become fixed!