How High Do You Want To Rise?

Upon awakening in the morning, I like to ask myself this significant question: “How high do you want to rise?” Why do this?

Because, each day, you... 

  • Get another chance to improve your health!

  • Have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself!

  • Resist or resolve the issues that are holding you back!

  • Can reinvent your mind, body, and spirit!

  • Can choose a more conscious path!

  • Can pay closer attention to what makes you thrive!

  • Can act wisely and do what's in your best interest for greater well-being!

  • Have a chance to place yourself in an environment for success!

  • Have the power to change!

Each one of us must choose how we want live. The beauty of choice is, you often get another chance at it each day. Choice is the way we all experience life. We choose, there are results of our choices; and then we have an experience. Some experiences are more favorable than others for sure. However, there are lessons and learning in all of it. No good and bad; just choices and experiences.

If we want to have certain experiences, we must choose wisely. We must do the things needed, in order to be the person who has those experiences!

So... if you want to experience life on a deeper more meaningful level, consider asking yourself… “How high do you want to rise?”