The real KEY to Vibrant Health!

After helping thousands of patients and clients achieve better health, I have observed something very important. There are certain characteristics that define and distinguish those who truly succeed in health matters. Good health and well-being is not a matter of luck or chance; it's a matter of aligning with those qualities (through specific actions and behaviors) that will provide it. One of those important qualities is to be fully committed to having good health! What does this exactly mean? 

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Being fully committed to having vibrant health often entails: 

  • Priority- Making health a "top priority" in your life.

  • Choice- Choosing wisely and healthfully each day (as per what circumstances allow).

  • Resilience- Being resilient and not giving up on yourself.

  • Focus- Staying focused and grounded in your life.

  • Environment- Surrounding yourself with an environment (people, places, things) that promotes good health. 

  • Investment- Investing (time, money, energy, and learning) into good health.

  • Self-accountability- Having a way to hold yourself accountable regarding how you manage your health. 

  • Self-responsibility- Taking full ownership for your health and life. 

  • Persistence- Seeking to constantly improve and evolve your level of health.

Do you need to have all of these qualities and behaviors to succeed? Not necessarily. I have found that even applying a few of these things can make a significant difference in having success. However, here's something interesting... once you apply a couple of them and see results, you will most likely eventually embrace more positive actions and behaviors. 

Why? Good health is addicting! It's the platform on which your 'quality of life' depends. This means... the healthier you are, the more potential there is to have fun and enjoy your life! You can only enjoy your life to the degree to which you can truly live it! You can only live it, if you have the energy to do so! Truly healthy people have tons of energy that allows them to live fully and consciously if they so choose.

Take a few moments to reflect on the list above. Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself. Which qualities and behaviors do you already have? Which ones could you embrace to improve your health? Remember, it's a process of growth and evolution, not a test of perfection! In other words, it's not about being perfect with your health; it's about doing something different (going through a process) to get a better result than you are currently getting. Embrace and honor the process. I wish you the best on your journey toward better health!


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