A Simple 3-Step Approach To A Better Life!

Step 1- Learn from the past! Yes, it's important to learn from our past, but not live in the past! Good or bad, things happen. That's life! If it's bad things, move on! It's over! We can't change it, so we need to let go and keep going. If it's good, we still need to do the same thing! Either way, it's important to take time to reflect and process the lessons and experiences we have, but then... move on!   

Step 2- Live in the presentThis is where most of the 'magic' in life happens-- in the now! However, the art of 'self-awareness' appears to be dying. Many people are often so engulfed with their technological devices, or they are multitasking their days away to the point that, they can't truly be present and live in the NOW! Consequently, many people miss out on life's magic moments! Being "present" is the "gift" --not only the gift you receive, but the one you will give to others as well!  

Step 3- Look forward to the futureYou can approach life in one of two ways: either with fear and anxiety (which is draining); or with eager and anticipation (which is fulfilling)! The second approach is the one recommended. Life is much more meaningful when we have something to "look forward to", especially when this something is something fun and engaging!

The takeaway message: Life is what we make it!

Life doesn't happen to us; we create it with Steps 1-3 above!

Keep rising higher!

Much Love,