The Music In Ya!

Everyone has some music in them!  A voice… a message… a song… a vision… a purpose! It’s important to set this music free! Express it in a way that will touch many; open hearts; create smiles; cause cultural shifts; and evoke everlasting change. Don’t be afraid to let this music play! Play it! Pay it every day! Sing it out loud! Use it for good! Make a positive difference! Your music is your calling. It’s your life lived on purpose. It’s the difference between wholeness and emptiness.  It’s the mesh of your being; the fiber of your making; the rhythm of your life!

Mostly… and this is really important… don’t you dare die with that music still in ya!  

On that note (yes, pun intended!), I am celebrating the 1-year anniversary since the release of my music: “The Health Raiser Song!”

You can check it out below!

This is the official Music Video for "The Health Raiser Song!" The creator of the song- Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT (aka "The Health Raiser!")- takes you on a fun journey along with some others to "raise some health" and make the world a better place!