How a 2% Change Can Lead to Total Health Transformation!

Many health issues are related to poor diet and lifestyle factors that can be changed. Both genetics as well as age, are frequently used as excuses for having poor health. Blaming your parents is not the answer! Besides, many so-called genetic predispositions can be positively influenced by healthy diet and lifestyle choices, so that these predispositions don't manifest as health problems in your life. In regards to age, succumbing to the popular societal belief that you're supposed to just 'fall apart' as you get older is a sad and unnecessary way to live. Your age should notbe a limiting factor for your quality of life! One simple strategy that you can implement throughout your lifetime to improve and/or maintain good health is to focus on small steady improvements. 

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Small steady improvements can lead to large changes in your health over time. Consider this: as little as a 2% improvement per week can lead to a 100% improvement by the end of 1 year. Let's do some simple math: 2% improvement x 52 weeks in a year = 104% improvement! So, when looking at it this way, achieving better health is really not that hard to do. I know you can manage a 2% improvement in your health each week. In fact, if you just focus on this small improvement, you're more likely to be successful anyway. The mistake that many people make is to keep focusing on their long-term goal (the end result they desire), as opposed to the simple action-steps (the 2% improvements each week) needed to get there. 

If you have health challenges, they probably didn't happen overnight—only your awareness of them might have! For example, you wake up one day and actually become more awareand acknowledge: the extra weight you've gained; the undesired change in your posture or body shape; the pain in your back; the stiffness and lack of flexibility in your neck; or your overall lack of physical endurance. 

Although a greater awareness is the key to changing and improving your health, realistically, since the problems didn't happen overnight, they probably won't vanish overnight either. You will need to earnyour health back with the 2% improvements. You will experience significant changes in your health if you're patient and persistent with this approach! There are two old sayings: “Good things come in small packages.” and “Good things come to those who wait.”. 

When it comes to better health, these may both be true!