Where do you get your biophotons?

An emerging field in science is the topic of “biophotons.” Simply put, biophotons are light energy. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings are said to store and emit biophotons. As such, this light emission is a representation of the functional health status of a living organism. In essence, we live on light; we are light. 

Biophotons are believed to carry important “bio-information,” which helps to control complex vital processes in the body. Biophotons are involved with structuring and regulating the body’s energy, which can be manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being, or sickness and disease, depending on a person’s biophoton status.

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In addition to the chemical composition of food, light energy (biophotons) is also an important factor in food quality. The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is.For example, naturally grown, fresh (sun-ripened) fruit and vegetables are rich in light energy, whereas processed and refined foods are not. (One more good reason to eat more raw and living foods.) The building and elimination of cells, the synthesis of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), and the flow of neurotransmitters all work on an extremely rapid transfer of information that is achieved by light transmission. 

Natural light needs to penetrate the skin and be taken through the eyes as well, in order to help improve and regulate one’s health. This is why daily sunbaths are good, and un-natural sunblocks and skin lotions and cosmetics (harsh chemicals) are not good. This is why sunglasses should only be worn when absolutely necessary (for safety reasons), but not all the time.

Let there be light in your life.

Let your health shine on.

So, where do youget your biophotons?