The Power of Touch!

Human touch is a very powerful nutrient, as well as therapeutic intervention. Touch can help to decrease pain, improve circulation, relax the body, and promote a feeling of safety, as well as general well-being. It has been shown that babies who are touched more often tend to grow and thrive much better. I believe the same could be said for adults. Touch helps to program us, shape us, and balance us!

Dr. SAM- Healing Touch.png

One form of ‘healing touch’ with a long history (thousand of year) of success and positive results is acupressure. It was the original plan before acupuncture (which uses needles) came along. I use it in my own daily life. I like to view acupressure as a daily energy 'tune up'. Vital life energy, as known as 'qi' or 'chi' or 'ki' needs to be able to flow through the body unimpeded for good health to exist. Acupressure helps this to happen.

By applying pressure to certain points on the body, endorphins (the body's natural pain killers) are released, blood flow is enhanced and more oxygen is delivered to various regions of the body to bring about a state of healing. Acupressure is non-invasive, safe, easy to learn, and it's free--you can apply it to yourself! People often say healthcare is 'too expensive'. If more people learned to incorporate a simple practice such as acupressure into their lives, I believe they wouldn't hold such a belief!