'Spring’ Into Good Health!

Spring has sprung for sure! We are moving into the element of “Wood”, which is an upward rising force in nature. This energy is very palpable right now. Plants are blooming, things are moving, and energy is expanding for sure. This is a perfect time to connect with Nature! This is also a great time to really take massive action on your goals and intentions for this year, as the energy to do so now supports you in full force!

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Nature is a sacred temple! Connecting, communing, and cultivating vitality each day by visiting this temple is wise! In other words... spend time outdoorsin Nature, as it's our truenature. Touch the bare earth with your bare feet– and drink the vital energy that flows upward into and through you! Look to the sky– allow the heavens to bathe down upon you it’s Divine light as well. Be still. Go within. Quiet your mind. Listen, receive, learn, be grateful, and smile!  

  • When feeling lost, connect to Nature! 

  • When feeling stressed, connect to Nature!

  • When feeling overwhelmed, connect to Nature!

  • Nature has answers! 

  • Nature is true therapy! 

Cultivate a loving relationship with Nature, and your health will surely prosper!


Dr. SAM - “The Health Raiser!”