Valuing The Growth Process!

Rewards in life are nice, especially when you work really hard to accomplish something. However, I have often found that the process of what it takes to achieve the goal is just as important (if not more so). The process is where the growth really is! For example, I've spent MANY hours in the past working toward cultivating a garden that would produce some greatorganic food. Although the food was a nice reward, the continual process of what it took to grow it was even more nourishing. The growth process taught me many valuable things about myself; and Nature continues to be a great therapeutic laboratory for self-awareness and self-realization.

Growth Process.JPG

Growth in life can be challenging, laborious, and very difficult at times! As with gardening, there will be planing and planting that will have to be done; watching and watering when needed; 'weeds' you will have to remove; and harvesting at the right times! The rewards, or the 'fruits of your labor', will be worth it. However, it's the growth process where the 'true value' may really be! This is where the higher rewards often exist, so be sure to accept and celebrate these gifts as well!

Keep growing.!

Much Love,