The Spiral of Health!

Your health can either spiral upward or downward, depending on the choices you make and the actions you.take every day. This includes how healthy you really want to be! Each choice and action can affect the choices and actions that follow. For example, if you choose to stay up late and not get enough sleep, you may then feel tired the next day. 

So, because you're tired, you may then be thinking unclearly and choose to consume some caffeine to try to perk yourself back up. This doesn't work because you're trying to make your body run on the wrong energy source.  This would be like trying to recharge the battery in your car by filling your gas tank--and with the wrong kind of fuel! 


Then, later in the day, your energy crashes even more and you reach for something 'convenient' to eat. Although this provides you with a short-term high, it leads to a further decline in your body's vitality. You work all day, but it's a struggle to be productive. Your feeling sluggish later on, so you attempt some exercise to feel better. Due to the lack of sleep and poor dietary choices, your body can't perform well. You decide to push through it anyway-- getting those adrenal glands to kick on and give you one more shot of energy. It provides another short-term fix, but your health continues to spiral downward. 

You now want some dinner and want it easy and fast, so you stop by a fast food place and grab something 'to go'. You finish dinner and then check email. Your body is crashing again, but it's now time to watch your favorite late night TV show, so you deny yourself the sleep you need again.  The downward spiral continues to persist!

Does this sound familiar? 

I hope not, but if this is you, there is something that can positively be done to correct this path. Ride the spiral of health back upward. How can you do this? By making that one choice that will stop the spiral from spinning downward and reverse it to an upward spin. 

In the example above: Getting the sleep you need → to restore your energy reserves → to refreshen your mind → to make healthy choices→ to work productively → to have ample energy later to exercise wisely → to earn the next healthy meal that will be eaten → to keep you going to finish up your day strong and end on a positive note!

Which spiral do you want your health to be on? 

Upward, or downward? 

Choosing the upwardpath is amazing journey.

Keep rising higher!

Much Love,