Synergistic "Nature" Of Health!

If you wish to be healthy, you MUST have a loving synergistic relationship with nature! Although many people believe that nature is wired for competition ("survival of the fittest"), nature is really wired for cooperation. The flower and the bee have a loving relationship as seen in this picture, both giving something to each other in order to thrive. Good health depends on many synergistic factors. For example, you could eat a very healthy diet, but if you're under-slept, don't exercise, or don't get enough fresh air, water, and sunshine, then you won't be nourished well (despite your good diet).  You must work with, not against, nature in order to thrive and be healthy. 

Dr. SAM- Synergistic Health.JPG

Here are 4 Simple Ways you can do this: 

1.Grow something to eat!If not, then at least support local farmers who can give you nourishing food to consume. Gardening can be a great form of exercise, as well as a means by which to connect with nature and receive fresh air and sunshine as well. I know that I always feel better after working in my garden. Gardening is about more than just growing food. It's about the connection to nature and our loving synergistic relationship to the world! 

2. Listen to your body! WhenNature speaks, listen! Your body will talk to you in various ways in order to guide you how to care for it. When all is well, you will feelwell. When things need attention, your body will provide you with symptoms. The word symptom means 'signal'. What is your body trying to tell you? For example, a pain (P.A.I.N. = Pay Attention Important Now) may be signaling that something needs attention. Don't ignore this signal; attend to it. Otherwise, this would be like ignoring the warning light on your dash board and hoping the  problem will just go away! Give yourself the love and care it needs each day to be healthy. Dedicate time each day to 'tune in' and do some maintenance work to keep yourself vibrant and strong!

3. Share your talents! Everyone has gifts and talents that they can share with the world. What are yours? Sharing them will help both you and others feel better. Don't allow your talents to be wasted. Use these gifts to bring about better health instead. If you're not sure what your gifts and talents are, just ask others: "What do you think my talents are? What am I good at?" Figure this out! It's very important. You have a chance to make a positive difference in the world every time you're willing to share your gifts and talents with others. The more you do it, the better you will feel. At the same time, don't burn yourself out trying to be a people pleaser. So, share yourself; and spare yourself!  

4. Support others! We all live here together (humans as well as other creatures). Be loving, supportive, and kind to others. Being of loving service to others is one of the key features of having the human experience. One of the highest forms of giving is done without acknowledgment. Don't give love and support because you expect something in return. Do it because it's the right thing to do! Help others, especially when they ask. Allow yourself to be helped as well. Not only give, but learn to receive as well. If you don't receive, then others can't give! Support Mother Nature! Respect her and treat her kindly. She will nurture and provide for you. Be kind to the other creatures as well. They are not here for us to rule and dominate, but rather, to respect, love, and embrace as part of this living experience!