Cultivating Compassion

Compassion is one of the most important traits to cultivate if you want to find inner peace; as well as peace in the world. Total healing is based on compassion. Compassion is about opening your heart. It's also about forgiveness and understanding. It's about helping, listening, and making a difference. It's part of the human experience!  

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There are different paths to compassion... 

Suffering is one-- This path is painful, but often necessary for some people to truly value the human condition. When you suffer enough, then your heart will open and you will prioritize giving and loving service toward others! (By the way: The word compassion literally means "to suffer together".)

Awakening is another path-- Whether it's through a journal, meditation, prayer, fasting, workshops, retreats, or by other means of 'waking up', more compassion can be cultivated. 

Observation is another path- It's not always easy to view the 'truth', but it's often necessary in order to shift consciousness in the direction of compassion. If you don't ever experience or witness hurt and suffering, then it's hard to truly know and understand compassion. 

Compassion toward ALL creatures is important! All living beings on this planet are connected. Cultivating compassion has a global effect. So, how you choose to live-- eat; drink; sleep; rest; move; exercise; think; act; speak; and love- ALL matter! This is becoming evidently clear in the world we live in. That which does NOT represent compassion will continue to crumble and dissolve away, as it does not represent what is in the highest good of humanity! 

There's plenty of heartlessness in the world right now. Choose not to be a part of it. Open your heart, awaken, and choose compassion instead!