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"Get Ready To Raise Some Health!" 

This song will definitely “raise you up”—by motivating you, inspiring you, energizing you, and elevating your mood! It’s just the right dose of musical therapy that will have you moving, dancing, smiling, and singing along for sure! The song opens the heart, enlightens the mind, and speaks to the spirit. It’s a collective call to humanity for an awakening and empowerment toward better health and a better life—for ALL! 

It’s a fun and upbeat combination of lyrical poetry and conscious rap, laid down on a bed of dance and hip-hop. The contagious and energizing gospel-like chorus will make you want to join in and sing along. The bluesy, funky bass guitar tracks tie it all together nicely!”

If you need some inspiration to become healthier; want a good exercise or workout song; or you're just looking for a fun and upbeat dance or party tune to celebrate with, then this is it!

Purchase your copy today— and start “Raising Some Health” right away!