There are no “shortcuts” to Better Health, but there REALLY IS a quick fix!

Discover the SIMPLE TRUTH of how to manage your health  the RIGHT WAY-- so you Live Well, Feel Well, & Perform Well  throughout your Lifetime!

This “Bad Health Be Gone” Program is meant for people who:

  • Definitely value their health– and want to invest in it!

  • Are dedicated to reaching and preserving their true living and performance potential!

  • Want to spread love and joy by serving at a higher level of being! 

  • Are seeking a high “quality of life” throughout their lifetime!

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In this program, Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT  (aka “The Health Raiser!”) shares the many simple strategies, as well as easy-to-follow action steps, that he has used with thousands of patients and clients for over 21+ years of clinical experience that have helped them LookFeel, and Perform better in life! You will learn a TRUE  “Blueprint for Better Health” that is: Safe, Affordable, and Easy-to-follow that has the potential to help you overcome (as well as prevent) health challenges from occurring that might limit you from living a happy and fulfilled life!

Some of the potential benefits of the program include: 

* Safe Weight Loss & Improved Body Shape!

* Eliminating Pain & Suffering!

* MORE Energy & Endurance!

* A “Glowing Complexion” & More “Youthful Appearance”!

Better overall Focus and Concentration!

Greater Self-esteem & More Confidence!

Prolonged Professional Career!

Improved Fitness Level & Better Overall Physical Performance!

*Prevention Injuries, Illnesses, & Chronic Health Challenges!

* Cleansing & Purification of your mind, body, & spirit!

* Increased Love, Joy, & Happiness!


Bottom Line: What you gain from this program has the potential to not only improve your life… it could possibly even help to save it!

Dr. SAM discusses the “Better Health Blueprint” in more detail below!

The 4 Key Factors When Managing Your Health:

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Factor #1Time 

Simply put:  It’s ALWAYS the ‘Right Time’ to improve HEALTH & WELL-BEING!  So… the best time is Now!  Also, this program is designed in a way that allows you to progress at a slow and steady pace (on your time) to achieve the results you desire!

Factor #2Cost 

Consider this: Since your health is the most valuable asset you own, it’s one of the best investments you can ever make!  The ‘small cost’ of this program is paid for only ‘ONE TIME’, but for the rest of your life, you will gain something that is absolutely PRICELESS… “Better Overall Health!” and… “Improved Quality of Life!” 

Factor #3Age

Bottom line: GOOD HEALTH knows NO Age Limits! You are never ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ to make positive health changes in your life! This program honors that the human body is truly miraculous in it’s ability to heal itself and function well; especially when on the right health program—regardless of age!

Factor #4Confidence

Let me put your mind at ease: This program is EXTREMELY EASY to follow!  You can do it! The program takes you through a simple and fun ‘4-step process’ that allows you to figure out where to start correctly; form a customized plan for success that is right for you; and then keeps you ‘laser-focused’ so you can succeed both short-term and long-term as well!  

What others are saying about Dr. SAM’s REAL “Quick Fix” Approach:

“I’m super stoked that Dr. SAM has finally released his signature health program called: “Bad Health Be Gone!” I know it’s been a long time in the making and that he has put much time, thought, and love into it. Dr. SAM has a unique style of conveying the message and principles of ‘good health’ to all. As such, I’m more than confident that this program will help transform many lives in a positive way and I am excited to let others know about it!”
— Chris Kendall, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher, Saskatoon, Canada
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“We’ve known Dr. SAM for many years and have even hosted some of his health retreats. He is a great teacher with a great message! We’re thrilled that he’s been able to package his talents and wisdom in his new “Bad Health Be Gone!” program, which is bound to help many people achieve a greater level of health and happiness. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable health approach to follow, then we would highly recommend this program!”
— Brian and Jody Calvi, owners of Farm of Life Retreat Center, Costa Rica
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“I’ve been waiting a long time for Dr. SAM’s “Bad Health Be Gone!” program to be released. I’m so excited because I know it’s going to change so many lives, as it has mine! Dr. SAM is a true wellness expert. He not only makes complicated health matters simple to understand, he also provides a ‘blueprint’ for better health to help guide you as well. If you follow this program correctly, you are bound to have health success!”
— Shannon Kilbourn, Board Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Georgia
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“I’ve been a private client of Dr. SAM’s for several years and have attended some of his health retreats as well. He’s awesome to say the least! All of the advice and wisdom he’s passed onto me has helped me overcome some significant health challenges (including chronic pain, balance issues, restricted breathing, and vision problems). I know his “Bad Health Be Gone!” program is a great investment and will help many people feel better and thrive at a greater level.”
— Linda Lande, Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, North Carolina
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What’s included in this program:

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The “Bad Health Be Gone!” Program Comes in 3 Format Options:

Option 1: Digital Only VersionALL MATERIALS will be provided as a ‘Digital Download’ & NO Physical Product will be sent in the mail.

Option 2: Physical Version (Hard-Copy)You WILL RECEIVE a Physical Product in the mail in a 3-ring binder that includes all product materials enclosed (including: a Comprehensive Wellness Questionnaire; mp3 Audio Files; Written Transcripts; a Workbook; and Special Bonus material).*Note: Shipping & Handling charges are already included. (Shipping available to U.S. only at this time!) 

Option 3: BOTH Digital + Physical (Hard-copy) Version: You WILL RECEIVE BOTH a ‘Digital Download’ & a ‘Physical Product’ will also be sent to you in the mail. *Note: Shipping & Handling charges are already included. (Shipping available only to U.S. only this time!)


*Note: Guarantee NOT applicable to all versions of this product. See “Terms and Conditions” for more details.

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